The journey of Alia, a little girl, looking for "Hamama" and her father. A story about refugees through space and time.

Credits :

Concept by Won, KJ and Ed

2D graphic design, including characters, UI and middleground by Won.

2D graphic design, including waterpainted background and polishing by Ed.

Most programming and integration has been done by KJ, with the help of Ed for the dialogues and HTML5 adaptation.

Writing by Ed.

Music by Crabman of Hypnotic Owl (@elCrabman on Twitter)

Won is from Korea,

KJ is from Korea,

Ed is from France, @edwigelel on Twitter

Many thanks to Mind<re>set Game Jam organizers and supporters !!! 


Hamama for Windows 63 MB
Hamama for Mac 67 MB


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A heartwarming game