The concert is starting in a few minutes, but you don't want to go! Time to find all the possible excuses to delay it!

Play by interacting with objects from the dressing room, combining them to earn time! Move the camera using the keyboard (a-d or arrows).

To combine objects, click on one object, then on the button “combine with”, then another one. There are also combinations with 3 objects, so click on a first object, then “combine with”, then on a second object, then “combine with”, then on a third object! If you see new button appearing on the last object, then you find a new combination!

If you don't hear songs in the html5 version, please get the downloadable windows one :)


  • Kate: UX Designer/UI Artist/Narrative Designer 
  • Mojette/Ombremonde: 3D Artist 
  • Lulu: 3D Artist/Singer
  • Alexandre: Composer/Sound Designer
  • Edwige: Game programmer 


OffWithTheShow for Windows 29 MB

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